Adrenal Fatigue

When pressures of life are so constant, or so great, that your body has inadequate time to recover for the stress. Constant stress may have negative effects on the adrenal glands which help the body adapt daily demands. Like any gland or organ in your body, there’s a limit to how much the adrenals can withstand. After a certain point, they begin to weaken and affect your health in very serious ways. Without adequately functioning adrenal glands, many people experience migraine headaches, back pain, ulcers, and sometimes cancer. Studies show that stress can even weaken the immune system.

Our practitioners assess stress levels in patients first by getting to know their patients personally and then evaluating a simple saliva test that measures deficiencies of free cortisol and DHEA. Sometimes, by supplying adaptogenic herbs, supplements, safe doses of cortisol and DHEA to a body, individuals may begin to feel normal again, with strength and mental clarity returning.